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There will be no early wake up calls with this charming fellow, mark our words!

This handcrafted rooster has been designed with realism in mind, striking its regal pose and covered in the softest fluffy material, to mimic feathers. This plush toy makes a striking addition to any soft toy collection.

Chickens are domesticated birds which live on farms. A male chicken is called a Cockerel.

Cockerels are extremely recognisable with their huge feathers trailing by their tail, and bright red combs and wattles. These are the fleshy types of skin found on top of the cockerel’s head, the comb, and the bottom of the neck, the wattle. The bigger a rooster’s wattle, the more attractive it will be to females. When it’s time to mate, cockerels dance for the hens, dropping a wing and dancing in a circle. How romantic!

Fast Fact
A cockerel will make a noise called a ‘crow’ to mark his territory.


Believe it or not…
The tallest Cockerel in the world is Little John, who’s a whopping 66cm tall!

Care Instructions: Hand wash only, do not machine wash or tumble dry

Size: Height: 35cm

Materials: Acrylic

Recommended Age: All ages


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