Living Nature Grey Seal Pup AN367


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This utterly adorable Grey Seal Pup soft toy is the perfect gift for small children. Crafted for little hands and made with super-soft fabric mimicking its real-life counterpart – this gorgeous stuffed ocean toy is a gift to cherish.

The Grey Seal is the most common British seal and is different to the Common Seal as they’re larger in size and have longer heads. If you were to look closely at one, you’d notice that Grey Seals have parallel nostrils, rather than V-shape nostrils like the Common Seal – but we wouldn’t recommend getting too close! They’re friendly and curious and never lose this trait as they get older.

Fast Fact
They’re one of the largest predators in the southern North Sea, growing up to 3 meters in length.


Believe it or not…
Grey seals can swim underwater for up to 16 minutes.

Care Instructions Hand wash only, do not machine wash or tumble dry
Size Length: 19.5cm
Materials Acrylic
Batteries Required? Batteries Not Required
Naturli Eco Friendly? Yes
Recommended Age 0+ (all ages)


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