Living Nature Osprey AN632


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This spectacular fish-eating bird is a rare delight to see in the wild. With its magnificent cream/buff feathers and powerful hooked beak – this impressive bird of prey has been lovingly crafted into a beautiful soft toy – the perfect gift for wild bird enthusiasts.

The Osprey is a large bird of prey. They have dark brown feathers on their upper body and contrasting white feathers on their underbelly. They share the same habitat as bald eagles. Sometimes, they even battle over food. This usually results in eagles stealing their meal, though. Ospreys love eating medium-sized fish like salmon and trout. They’re known for their incredible fishing skills, so it’s not surprising that they mainly eat fish.

Fast Fact
An Osprey’s wingspan is around 1.5 metres long!


Believe it or not…
Females are actually the bigger gender – 20% bigger than males.

Care Instructions: Hand wash only, do not machine wash or tumble dry
Size: Height: 17cm
Recommended Age: All ages


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