Living Nature Peacock AN409


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This beautiful Peacock soft toy will attract your little ones attention for sure!

With its stunning blue and green soft fabric to mimic the birds iridescent plumage, and “eye” markings on its tail feathers, this gorgeous plush bird will be a favourite for many years to come.

There are two familiar species of peacocks; the blue peacock and the green peacock. They’re both distinguished by the colour of their tail feathers. This is their most recognisable feature. A baby peacock, known as a peachick, doesn’t actually start growing these tail feathers until they’re three years old. Once fully grown, their tails are so large that they can be over 60% of their total body length. It’s mainly used to attract females. The bigger and brighter their feathers, the more attractive they are to the females.

Fast Fact
Peacocks can fly, just not very far.

Farms and woodlands.

Believe it or not…
Some peacocks can be born with all white feathers.

Care Instructions Hand wash only, do not machine wash or tumble dry
Size Height: 19.5cm
Materials Acrylic
Batteries Required? Batteries Not Required
Naturli Eco Friendly? Yes
Recommended Age All ages


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