Living nature Pine Marten AN407


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The Living Nature Pine Marten is a beautifully crafted soft toy.

This elusive animal is rarely seen in the wild, so to have one to cuddle every night is something really special. Its luxurious smooth brown coat is perfect for petting.

The Pine Marten has dark reddish-brown fur with a slim body, pointed face and a really bushy tail. They’re related to weasels and ferrets and look very similar, just bigger in size. They can grow up to 53 cm which is the same size as a cat. In Winter, their fur grows longer and silkier to keep them warm. They’re very agile and love climbing trees, especially Pine ones!

Fast Fact
They have semi-retractable claws to help them climb trees easily.


Believe it or not…
They have been known to make a shrill sound like a cat.

Care Instructions: Hand wash only, do not machine wash or tumble dry

Size: Length (excluding tail): 23cm

Materials: Acrylic

Recommended Age: All ages