Living Nature Stegosaurus AN421


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This adorable Stegosaurus soft toy is the perfect gift for children who love dinosaurs! With its green airbrushed colouring and bright orange spines, this plush dinosaur toy is sure to delight.

Create your pre-historic adventures with this thoughtfully crafted soft toy.

The Stegosaurus was a large dinosaur that grew up to 9 metres in length. Along their spine and tail were around 17 large diamond-shaped plates which gave them a unique appearance. Surprisingly, these plates weren’t used as a form of defence, but rather for display. They also had huge thorn-like spikes on their tails which they used to defend themselves against predators. Some dinosaur remains have been found with holes made by the Stegosaurus tail spikes.

Fast Fact
Their name actually means ‘Roof Lizard’


Believe it or not…
They were herbivores so only ate plants, meaning they’re actually vegan!

Care Instructions Hand wash only, do not machine wash or tumble dry

Size Length: 32cm

Materials Acrylic

Batteries Required? Batteries Not Required

Naturli Eco Friendly? Yes

Recommended Age All ages


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