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Does your child love to role-play back in time to the time of the dinosaurs? If so, this Tyrannosaurus soft toy is the perfect gift to ignite their imaginations. Made to look as realistic as possible, this T-rex has been crafted with premium materials for the biggest of hugs.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex, also known as T-Rex, is one of the most well-known and ferocious land dinosaurs. Their name translates to the ‘King of the Tyrant Lizards’ which could be because they had no known predators. A large adult could weigh between 4 and 7 tonnes and reach 6.5 metres tall. From tip to tail a T Rex could be as long as 14 metres, which is the same size as a school bus! The T-Rex had 60 saw-like teeth, each tooth being up to 20cm long, and a bite so powerful it could crush bones.

Fast Fact
The T Rex had a life span of about 30 years.

Forests and Valleys of North America.

Believe it or not…
It could eat 500 pounds of meat in a single bite.

Care Instructions Hand wash only, do not machine wash or tumble dry

Size Height: 21cm

Materials Acrylic

Batteries Required? Batteries Not Required

Naturli Eco Friendly? No

Recommended Age All ages


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