Living Nature woolly Mammoth Extra Large AN355


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Get ready for some big hugs with the Living Nature Woolly Mammoth!

This super-soft plush toy has been crafted with realism at the forefront of the design. The fuzzy body, and incredibly soft stuffing make this a fantastic plush gift for children who are fascinated with extinct and prehistoric mammals, or would just love a mammoth hug!

Woolly Mammoths are now extinct, but lived during the last ice age which began around 2.5 million years ago! They’re very similar to elephants, just with a lot more hair, which is why they’re called ‘Woolly’ Mammoths. Their woolly coat was needed to protect them from the extreme cold weather. Their skeletons have been found as far north as Russia.

Fast Fact
Their tusks were twice as long as an elephants, at over 5 metres.

Northern Europe & North America.

Believe it or not…
Scientists can tell a woolly mammoth’s age from the rings on its tusk.


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