Living Nature German Shepherd Puppy AN440


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Designed to delight, and perfect for tiny fingers!

This Living Nature German Shepherd puppy is a wonderful dog toy made to bring comfort and joy to a child.

German Shepherd puppies soon grow big and furry. They are born with a fluffy coat but at 6 months old they grow their new adult coat. This is a double coat of fur which sheds so regular brushing is a must! Thanks to their intelligence, strength and very loud bark, German Shepherds are often trained as police, guard or rescue dogs. They have a playful nature though and are not nearly as scary as they sometimes look.

Fast Fact
The first dog to be used to aid the blind was a German Shepherd.


Believe it or not…
Rin Tin Tin is one of the most famous German Shepherds of all time.

Care Instructions Hand wash only, do not machine wash or tumble dry
Size Height: 16cm
Materials Acrylic
Batteries Required? Batteries Not Required
Naturli Eco Friendly? Yes
Recommended Age All ages


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