Teddy and Co have a large range of Plush and Realistic Dog Teddies.

These dogs may only bark in your imagination, but they’re Cuddly and Fluffy Dog Teddies that won’t leave any nasty surprises in your visitors shoes or have you pulled to court because they were too protective of the letterbox, or even have you getting calls from strangers after they’re found wandering 5kms from home. No, these Dogs are always where you last left them.

They’re all so adorable and realistic, every Dog Teddy has its own pedigree and personality.

We have all your favourite Breeds, from Beagle Dog, to St Bernard Teddies to Labrador Teddies, Dalmatian Teddies, Bulldog Teddies, King Charles Teddies, Pug Teddies, Chihuahua Teddies, Yorkshire Terrier Teddies, Schnauzer Teddies, Collie Teddies, Alsatian Teddies, Husky Teddies, Hound Dog Teddies and even Wolf Teddies.

We have so many to choose from, find out why they say Man’s best friend is a Dog, Buy your new pal a one way ticket to your home

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Teddy and Co’s Dog Teddies

Showing all 24 results

Showing all 24 results