Farm Animals

Bring the Pet Farm to your Home with our Farm Animal Teddies.

At Teddy and Co, we have a great selection of Farm Animal Teddies. Get all the Benefits of a Cute Farm Animal without having to get up at 6am to move them to another field.

Finally Farm Animals that are house friendly, no wellies or vets required.

We have all types, Lamb Teddies, Sheep Teddies, Owl Teddies, Rabbit & Bunny Teddies, Pig Teddies, Mouse Teddies, Horse Teddies, Chicken & Rooster Teddies, Cow Teddies, Donkey Teddies, Duck Teddies, Guinea pig and Hamster Teddies. All these friendly Animals are ready to take home. You don’t need a big patch of land to keep them happy, all you need is a willingness to Give Big long Cuddles.

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Teddy and Co’s Farm Animal Teddies

Showing all 22 results

Showing all 22 results