Not everyone can put in the work to get and keep a good stable running for these lovely creatures. We all love to watch them run free with their manes blowing in the wind, these magnificent Animals were able to take humans to new horizons, further distances than we could travel by ourselves. For thousands of years Humans and Horses have travelled the earth together.

Here now at Teddy and Co, our selection of Horse Teddies really bring these Horses to life, although some are possibly a little more fluffier than in real life.

Unlike our other Animals in store, we have some Horse Teddies that involve a little more activity.

There’s the Rocking Horse you can sit on. Horse on a Stick so you can run around imagining the great experience that is Horse Riding. We also have musical Horses, Unicorns and more.

Check the dimensions of the product, some Horses may be bigger than they appear in the Photos

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Teddy and Co’s Horse Teddies

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