Teddy and Co’s lovely New Born Teddies

Create memories with a Newborn Soft Teddy Bear.

Pink, Blue, Cream and White Plush Teddies can be found in Teddy and Co’s online shop and in store.

Your first Teddy Bear is always an important milestone, maybe you don’t remember where it came from but you hug and cuddle, cry and laugh with that Teddy Bear in your arms. It makes the big bad world seem not so big through those small eyes, you learn what it means to have a friend that stands by you every time, rain or shine, big challenge or small.

Every child deserves the comfort only a Teddy Bear can bring. It’s a great gift to be the one that gets to hand them their first Teddy Bear. Babies need all the Cuddles and Hugs they can get. These Sweet Bears will help keep the Tears away and Hug these Babies into Happy Adults. New Born Babies more than anything need to be held and hold. And these Teddy Bears will be there for them

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