Living Nature Large Puffin Standing AN405


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This Puffin soft toy is a wonderful addition to any ocean soft toy collection. Designed to look like the real thing and perfect for little hands to hold. Crafted with premium fabrics, making this adorable seabird a thoughtful gift for wildlife enthusiasts.

Known as a ‘sea parrot’ because they make their home near the sea, Puffins have a huge multi-coloured beak and black and white features. Puffins have short, stumpy orange legs and large webbed feet which make them great divers. They can dive up to 60 metres underwater to catch their favourite fish, herring, hake and sand-eels. Puffins gather in colonies to breed during the Spring and Summer and usually pair up with the same partner as previous years. Some have been together for over 20 years. How romantic!

Fast Fact
A baby puffin is called a Puffling.


Believe it or not
Puffins can hold at least 10 fish in their mouth at once. Talk about greedy!