Living Nature Medium Brown Owl AN338


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This wise owl soft toy has been made with super soft brown fabrics, airbrushed detailing on his chest, and gorgeous large golden eyes.

An adorable gift or characterful addition to any soft bird toy collection.

Reddish brown with a pale underbelly, the Brown Owl has a small rounded body and head. Like other owls they’re nocturnal, so only hunt for food at night. Their favourite food is other small mammals like rodents, small birds, frogs, fish and worms. They make a very familiar hoot noise. They can be quite hard to find as their feathers make a great camouflage.

Fast Fact
The Brown Owl’s wingspan is 32 inches, almost double their height!


Believe it or not…
Brown Owls do not like to fly over water and are rarely found on islands.

Care Instructions Hand wash only, do not machine wash or tumble dry

Size Height: 18cm

Materials Acrylic

Batteries Required? Batteries Not Required

Naturli Eco Friendly? Yes

Recommended Age All ages


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